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Laminate is challenging to work with and visually impressive. It is designed to perform well for many years, as opposed to other finishes that can be more susceptible to damage. Utilising laminate is a major differentiating factor of my work compared to the average kitchen of today, and is particularly important considering the harsh nature of the kitchen environment. 

My projects are creative and customised, incorporating angles and curves, as well as a range of durable colours, patterns and textures. The craftsmanship, skill and procedural knowledge required to work laminate into these projects has been acquired over many years.  

Abet Laminati have kindly featured a recent, creative project of mine on their website. Abet offer a beautiful range of Italian made laminates, consisting of unique colours and finishes.

Please click here to view this project!

To see Abet’s complete range of laminates, click here

Baby Change Table by Mario Tripolone using a tepestry of Abet Laminati samples.jpg
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